Saturday, 31 January 2015

31 day challenge day 31- your signature style

Oh my goodness it's the last day, what do i do with my life now?! Haha. I'll be honest i kinda didn't really expect to make it through to the end...quite proud :) and i didn't even get behind (well apart from one day but I'm choosing to forgive myself for that since i was puking and stuff lol). Anyway, back to today! I struggled to figure out my signature style to be honest but in the end i came up with this.

It's a mental health awareness mani! I thought that summed up my blog pretty well. Even though the mental health side has been neglected recently it's the main reason i started the blog in the first place, the nails were just a bit of fun. I feel quite bad about my lack of mh posts over the last few months but i hope to rectify that from now on.

This is fairly similar to a design i did for world mental health day back when i first started blogging. I decided to keep it general and try to encapsulate a wide range of mental health issues. Green is the colour for mental health awareness, hence the ribbon and base. I added a random outline to the ribbon nails basically because they looked bare lol. Then the random dots on the other finger represent the campaign colours for all sorts of different mental health conditions. I won't list them all cos there are lots lol. Ok I'll admit the whole random dotticure thong is about as far from my preferred style as you can get haha. I did get in a thumb/ring accent though and bright colours...and about two hundred barry m polishes lol.

The polishes are barry m spring green, elderberry, mango, watermelon, blackberry, chai, prickly pear and blood orange, and nails Inc belsize park, rimmel breakfast in bed and maybelline oh so close. Phew!

I'm so happy i made it to the end of this! I do feel like it's helped me to get my motivation back a little. I'll do a round up post at some point...and hopefully follow through on my promise of more mental health posts. x