Saturday, 31 January 2015

31 day challenge day 30- something you've never tried before

In the end i decided this basically by browsing through my favourite tutorial blogs until i found something i fancied. I plumped for this from chalkboard nails.

Now, i love the distressed nail look bit this is another one I've been hesitant to try. I think it's the randomness factor again if I'm honest. It looks so deceptively simple....but I'm really not very skilled at balancing colours or knowing where to stop. Nevertheless I'm reasonably happy with it.

I think i probably should have been a bit more generous worth the colours, the white base shows through a bit more than i intended. I do like the neon colour scheme though...i was missing the sun and figured I'd brighten things up, on my nails at least! I would probably change to a different black if i food it again though. This is Barry m black and it's a bit thin/watery so i don't think it quite has the impact it should.

The other polishes are barry m matte white on the base and the models own neons from the tans collection (love!!!). The pink is sun hat, the yellow bikini and the peach beach bag. I do love a bit of neon hehe.

Even though in not 100% happy with these i do now feel a bit more confident about the idea of using this technique so that's a bonus. And maybe I'll get round to revisiting it some time. x