Saturday, 10 January 2015

31 day challenge day 10- glitter base

Glitter! I figured a full coverage glitter was the best way forward here and the best company i can think of for those is shimmer (i still have some shimmer swatches to post, oops!). I picked Anna...for no real reason other than it matched today's outfit haha.

My favourite thing to do over glitter bombs is striping. So i grabbed some striping tape and applied it pretty much at random before whacking on a coat of a- England guinevere. Because, well because i love it haha. One of my favourites. Plus my challenge manis have been seriously lacking in purple haha. Oh yea, guinevere is purple! I've included some flash shots to prove it. I can never get it to photograph properly (erm, maybe because you're photo set up is your phone and a bedside lamp katie?! Lol).

Anyway. Note the return of the accent...i wanted to keep some nails plain just to show off the prettiness that is Anna. Basically the theme for today is 'because i wanted to!' Haha. Excuse the tip wear, i painted the glitter earlier and then went to a pantomime and to ring bells before coming home and adding the striping. Nvm. Eep tomorrow we come up against the dreaded 'reversed polarities' wish me luck lol. x