Monday, 5 January 2015

31 day challenge day 5- dotting tools

Another day, another prompt...i kinda didn't know where to start today, i love dotting tools but there's such a broad range of things to do with them that i struggled to narrow it down!
In the end i turned to pinterest for help (of course haha) and found this cute penguin pattern that i pinned a while back. Now, let's be honest, if yesterday was a case of ambition exceeding ability then today is off the scale over ambitious haha. My hands aren't really steady enough for teeny tiny work (yay, anxiety! Lol)...bit i did enjoy playing about doing these so I'm not that bothered. And i do think the pattern would be quite effective in the hands of a decent nail artist!

Oh and it was another 'I'm going to do a thumb and ring accent because I'm too lazy to do all five nails' day haha. Though i do think it would have been a bit cluttered if I'd done penguins on all five (and i did do both hands! Lol).

Polishes. White is nails Inc floral street. Green is color club mint apple (again) black is nails Inc black taxi (again!) And grey is Barry m chai (yet again!!!). I don't know why I've been using the same polishes over and over this week haha. Though i am a little obsessed with the grey atm haha.

Oh well, i hope you like. I've included the image i copied so you can see what it should look like lol. X