Friday, 23 January 2015

31 day challenge day 22- blobbicure

Yea so I hated this. I'll be honest i wasn't that enthusiastic in the first place, the whole concept doesn't really appeal to me (i find 'random' looks hard for a start).

And then i attempted it. Do a blobbicure they said. It's a quick and simple technique they said. Just blob polish onto wet polish they said. Bah! For a start i couldn't find the colours i really wanted. I wanted cremes. Turns out I own about two billion purples but not one of them is a basic bright creme. So instead i chose two shimmers. The pink barely shows up on the purple at all (and looks even worse in photos than irl!). Initially i had accent nails with the colours inverted but could i get it to work that way round? A big fat no!   I just ended up with a slightly wonky looking dotticure lol. I tried a few times with various different amounts of polish and different tools and the addition of thinner. Eventually i gave up and just did them all the same. By which point I'd realised how ineffective the colour combo was. And smudged the other three nails in the process as well as getting polish and acetone all over myself and my room. And had lost any interest i ever had in blobbicures!

All of which exclaims why a. I cba to even clean up properly b. I didn't wait long enough and smudged it while top coating and c. Didn't even try to take decent pictures.

I often find things to criticise about my nails but i haven't been this deeply unhappy with a mani in ages. Also my cuticles look dry because i was feeling rather unimpressed with myself and therefore uninterested in doing anything nice for myself like moisturising!

It's definitely bed time lol. x