Tuesday, 13 January 2015

31 day challenge day 12- film

So, while everyone else was busy worrying about the infamous 'reversed polarities' i was over here quietly freaking out about film!

I  confess I rarely watch films. I'm the person that prompts those incredulous looks and cries of 'you've never seen....?!'. So i was at a total loss today. I considered cheating and doing a mani using the cling *film* technique...except that's generally regarded as a saran wrap mani. I also considered cheating by using quirk 'eponine' except I've never seen les mis the film and a well never quite get my head around it being one haha.

This is how desperate i was getting lol. Then i remembered a conversation in the pub a while ago about how i only seem to watch films with Johnny Depp in. Then i started thinking about Johnny Depp films and remembered how desperate i was to see Alice in Wonderland when it came out in the cinemas. I love a Alice. And i love Stephen Fry (featured as the Cheshire cat) And i love Tim Burton. A lot. In fact that explains why most of the films i watch star Johnny Depp lol. I just love anything that leans towards quirky and bizarre.

Aaanyway! We have opi my boyfriend scales walls (my bottle is nearly empty, wah!) And nails in black taxi as bases (and for black and white details). A-England galahad for the hat band and Cheshire cats eyes. Maybelline winner takes all is the gold. And new kid Eton mess is the red.

Phew this is long! I'm actually pretty happy with this one...i tend to avoid free hand because I'm not good at it. This is of course far, far from perfect but it gets the general idea across and I'm proud of myself got giving it a go. x