Thursday, 8 January 2015

31 day challenge day 8- monochrome

So monochrome....initially i was going to do a different shades of the same colour type monochrome, largely because i hate working with white and dislike working with black almost as much. So why the random switch? Well, while browsing pinterest (pinterest is always to blame) i stumbled across the image I've included of cirque du soleil. I don't know why but i just loved the strong lines of this picture and really fancied using them in a mani.

So here we are. I like the basic idea but I'm a little annoyed with the result tbh. Often i get frustrated because i think other people could do a better job...on this occasion though I'm just annoyed because i know i could have done a better job. Ah well I'm just feeling a bit lazy toys week. Also, streaking on the index finger, really?! I used a red ages ago that bled like mad and I'm still getting traces in my top coat!!

Ah well polishes are both nails Inc- floral street and black taxi. Think the studs were from born pretty store but I'm  not really sure. Ho hum. x