Saturday, 3 January 2015

31 day challenge day 3- water spotting

Ah water spotting. I tried this technique for the first time a couple weeks ago and i love it :). I like the effect and i enjoy playing around and making a mess, cos I'm a child :p. The only slight problem is....well I'm not very good at it! Haha.

Oh well, onwards! In a fit of extreme laziness two of the colours are the same as yesterday. We therefore have Barry m chai and pomegranate doing an encore, joined by opi my boyfriend scales walls and nails Inc black taxi. I kept the two accents for many reasons. I'll be honest, the first was further laziness...less nails to water spot haha. But i also wanted to brighten it up a bit from black, white and grey (we gave monochrome coming up afterall). And besides, as I've said before, i just like a thumb/ring accent haha. X