Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A handful of tarastalons

Yep I'm still enthusiastically picking my way through my tarastalons Christmas box. And loving every minute of it!
I've been staring at my screen way too much for the lasy couple of days as I try to collect ringing subs from the branch. Consequently I'm being lazy again and bunging all the pics at the end. I'm sure nobody wants to hear me bang on again about just how much I love this brand!
So, today we have:
- Resolution, which isn't a Christmas polish at all but part of January's polish club. I definitely misjudged the sheerness.... again! Tbh I should have gone and found decent undies as soon as I started polishing.... But I couldn't be bothered to get up. The polish is beautiful though with a surprising shimmer and a colour combination to the glitters that keeps making me think of the rainbow fish lol.
- cupid is an unusual colour that I really rather liked. It's pretty much gunmetal grey.... But with something slightly softened/warmer about it. Plus holo. Can't go wrong with holo.
- cupid again but this time topped with crackers. This was the opposite of the resolution scenario, it had more colour than I expected! I was really expecting a clear base lol, so I'll try it over a more appropriate colour soon. Though actually I kinda like the combo, the orange-red in cracker changes cupid to a taupe-y, brown-y, almost purple colour. And the glitters themselves look like candied peel all ready for the Christmas pud.
- last one is Santa's helper shimmery icy Holo-y elegance. Somewhere between Blue and silver... The colour of a peaceful frosty morning (ok im romanticising when you start work at six and then drive all day frost and ice ain't that peaceful lol).

Yea definitely still need to work on my descriptions :s.
Anyway as always check out and don't forget to check down the left hand side for Tara's substitution schemes such as polish club, holo hands and prototype talons, amongst others. I love the exciting innovative things Tara is doing with her brand atm. X