Thursday, 30 January 2014

GOT challenge- dots

Ah dots. I love dots. Most of the earliest nail arty things I did were dots (though admittedly this may be because I just had a handful of polish and some cocktail sticks to play with lol). I'm not, however, very creative with my dots. I don't seem to have the right eye for the beautiful asymmetric, swirly, multiple size and colour dotticures I see. I did want to do something different to my standard grid or flowers routine. So I Googled. And find this on Lucy's stash. Now mine is nowhere near as pristine as hers of course but I would like to practice the pattern again in future. I also hadn't realised how similar our colour schemes were, I chose the colours before the design, weird lol.
Anyway, speaking of colours, base is opi I have a herring problem which was another early tkmaxx purchase. Dots are maybelline winner takes all (that's right isn't it?), another of the animal trio that started it all and a 17 holo silver. The gold is pretty old, I kinda can't remember about the silver, I know it was my first holo if that helps lol.
Now time to struggle with green for next week lol. X