Saturday, 11 January 2014


That is all. I bought a couple of quirk polishes in their sale. And they're beautiful. But I expected that. Éponine and hell and high water. Two quite difference polishes! Hell and high water is bright and fun and exciting. Éponine in the other hand is more subtle.... But I confess that's the one in truly in love with, I've wanted it pretty much since I saw the first swatch. I love les mis and I love Éponine. I love that this polish captures the contrast in her character and story. The delicate, refined pink of her beginnings versus the harsh jagged Black of her end. Her love and her fight and her tragedy. Eep quiet! Pictures. X

Ps. Oh hell and high water is over a navy nails Inc that I forget the name of and gave to a friend today cos she loves nails Inc and really wanted a navy polish. Éponine is over luv polish serenity. X