Wednesday, 29 January 2014

wreck this journal, a work in progress

I posted a while ago that I was gonna start playing with this. I figured, since I'm not posting today's nails, I'd document how far I've got. It might even prompt me to do a few more pages, I've been slacking :p.
I generally need no prompting to spill my drinks tbh lol.
Ok, so I got a bit childish with these two :p.
I had to post this one as instead of using the cone to drink water, as instructed, I was a rebel and used it to decant my Nelly polish Hehe.
Little annoyed at how carried away I got with the negative thoughts page, must do the positive one next.
And the contents of my pockets...I have very large pockets in my work uniform lol. And yes I had polish in my pocket but only cos I was taking it through to another room to use lol. There are a few more I've done but they're either half complete or hard/boring to photograph. Maybe I'll update again if I remember! X