Saturday, 18 January 2014

Couple manis

Nothing very exciting today just a couple of different nail efforts. First is nails inc... Two different browny neutrally colours but I forget the names right now, and a ransom little heart design stamped on the accent nail. Pic is of the illusive right hand cos I took pics after work and left hand was a mess. And weirdly the right hand looked better anyway lol.
Second is an attempt at nautical...I changed my mind so many times on what I wanted to do for this and I can't say I'm particularly happy with it. Partly this is due to sheet laziness cos I couldn't be bothered to tape the lines so just freehanded and they look scruffy! Wow is nails Inc floral Street red is nails Inc at James Blue is rimmel salon pro rhythm and blues and gold is maybelline, something....go for gold maybe? I've blobbed polish over the label lol. Ho hum that's all. X