Thursday, 23 January 2014

GOT challenge- Blue

Ah another golden oldie. I found this one kinda hard simply because I couldn't remember which of my blues were oldest. I know this seventeen rock hard nail effects textured polish is old, as it was the first textured polish I bought and id never heard of textured polish then. Anyway it's not my favourite textured polish ever (it's kinda claggy though I do like the colour) so I figured I'd play with it. And my favourite thing ever to do with textured polishes is taping, I enjoy the contrast and the slightly 3d aspect. That meant finding a Blue to layer it over so I went trawling through old photos to see what cropped up earliest. Turned out to be this color club polish from a tkmaxx set, which I used with the seventeen polish in a mani very similar to this one in one of my very first blog posts. The last time I did criss cross and I rather liked the result but that was too much effort so I just slapped on a couple stripes Haha.
Don't forget to check out the inlinkz for amazing manis on the theme of Blue. were gonna get an extra post on iconic effect as I didn't past yesterday... But I, um, managed to remove the last of the polishes without taking pictures so I'll have to redo them tomorrow lol. X