Saturday, 4 January 2014

Excitement for a Friday!

Well first off I get a day off tomorrow that is exciting in itself because it means a lay in which means mode than four hours sleep!

Moving on to less mundane excitement (is that an oxymoron?). A while before Christmas I won a nails Inc 'buy or polish to be entered into a raffle' kinda competition. Then of course Christmas happened and I totally forgot about it.... until a giant box arrived today containing fifty nails Inc polishes :D. Very happy Katie!

In other exciting delivery news my magic goose order also arrived today. And they are beautiful. And I've worn two of them already :p lol. I'm definitely a little in love with this brand and not really sure why I don't own more of them.

Thirdly a brief moment of nail art based excitement. I actually got a stamp to look almost like it was intended to! :-0 lol. I've tried stamping a couple times but I'm not really fast enough and I got bored after a few attempts lol. But this year I want to try to master a few more techniques. Stamping is at the top, thanks largely to drooling over the clever things over on the crumpet. Also on the list are gradients and water marbling (though this seems a little daunting atm!) amongst others.... many others. Anyway, back to stamping, after reading about two billion tutorials (like this one at penny pinching polish and handy hints lists I thought I'd give it another go. Now it's certainly not anywhere near wearable... For a start you will notice that the first effort is only one finger and the second is only three.... and only one of them really worked I misplaced the thumb so it doesn't cover the whole nail and the two not featured are patchy. But it's improvement. So I'll keep playing.

Final little snippet of excitement is that I love prancer by tarastalons which I wore yesterday.... Just felt like sharing lol. X