Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Tarastalons take... Three? Four?

Lol I've lost track! And I'm not 100% sure whether I've posted any of these before. I'm tired and had my first group therapy session tonight (new experience lol). so am a little brain dead.

So we have (all dumped at the end again sorry)
- dancer... which i love, asides from the fact that I could have done with undies yet again (I'll be getting a reputation! Lol). I mean it looks fine without but this is three coats and it looked better to me after two... except of course I can't tolerate sheerness. But anyway it is beautiful. It's a punky kinda mix of purple and magenta with a bit if silver and black thrown in giving it an edge. Oh and skulls. Don't forget the skulls. I wasn't convinced by the whole skull glitter thing at first but I'm a real convert. The whole thing reminds me a little of those punky sorta pencil cases people used to have in school when they were waaaay too alternative and different to have anything pink or girly lol.

-Christmas fairy. Pale silver shimmery base, small magenta glitter. Sorted. Another in the calm base bright glitter group that I was saying I loved the other day. What more can I say?

- feeling extra festive. Juicy or what? Somewhere between pink and red with holo-y glitter... plus allsorts od Othery glitter from black and white hearts to various colour stands to Blue hexes. I really like this it's like confetti or party poppers or something. It just screams celebration. And it glitters like mad in the light.

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Ho hum, sorry for the lack lustre descriptions nothing feels quite right today. I took feeling extra festive of cos it didn't fit my mood and now I wish I hadn't cos I dunno what to replace it with! Lol. X