Saturday, 18 January 2014

Winnie the pooh day :)

'Promise me you'll always remember: you're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think' AA. Milne.

There is a winnie the pooh day! Is anyone as excited about that idea as I am? Lol. Apparently it's AA Milne's birthday. And the quote is one of my favourites.
Of course special days are an excuse to do silly things to my nails. These are significantly scruffier than I was aiming for, I'm not great at brush with so not artistic lol. Anyway I did it on both hands and wore it out to guides anyway. The younger guides enjoyed it... The older guides are just used to me being mad and don't pay much attention anymore!
Little finger is eeyore's tail. Base is nails Inc the Southbank. Tail is opi I have a herring problem bow is nails Inc... um? Brompton place I think. Ring is supposed to be winnie's face in nails Inc Carnaby Street and black taxi. Middle is a piglet tail (kinda :s) with nails Inc Warwick avenue (base) and notting Hill Gate (tail). Index is Tigger stripes with nails Inc st James and black taxi again. Finally thumb is nails Inc Sheraton Street stamped with a rabbit in nails Inc Holland Park avenue. Ok yea it was late and I was running out of ideas (and motivation!) by that point.
You may have noticed im playing with my nails Inc winnings lol. I confess this is partly because it's the only part of my collection that's organised lol. Once I removed winnie I played with nails Inc more sensibly in the form of tate... which, despite the fact I have polish in every colour under the sun, is the exact colour that comes to mind when I think of painted nails lol. Was a mare to clean up/remove though, I looked like a murderer for a while lol. X