Thursday, 16 January 2014

GOT challenge-stripes

Ah stripes, I like stripes dunno why I don't play with them more often.
Anyway, one of the first mail arty things I did involved stripes do I thought it would be fun to recreate it. I hoped maybe I could make it look a little better now I've had more practice. Evidently not lol, which is a tad depressing really.
I used nearly all the same polishes so I know they've been around a while. The only one I cheated on was the green which is a brand new nails Inc (Green Park) because I can't seem to find the other one and I don't own many plain greens. The white (Barbara Daly snow) is kinda a cheat too I guess in that I use it quite often, in fact it's nearly empty which I'm choosing to use as an excuse for the lumpiness lol. Black is models own nail art pen which I used a tonne in the 33 day challenge but haven't used much since cos...I dunno I guess I haven't done anything that would require it lol. The red is Essie snap happy, which I bought from tkmaxx when I was first trying to build up a collection of colours. Shortly after I bought a color club set and started using that red instead. If kinda forgotten how much I liked this really vibrant red. Turns out is not good for layering though so this time I put the red on the bottom and layered over it with the rest lol. Oh and did the flowers in white first. The pink you can barely see in the flowers is from a simple pleasures set... Also from tkmaxx. Hmm I haven't checked out their polishes in ages actually (behave Katie no more polish this month!!).
I've added my original attempt at the bottom... I'm pretty sure I used a tutorial for the flowers at the time but heck if I can remember whose lol. Maybe I'll reattempt my  reattempt some time see if I can actually improve it! X