Friday, 3 January 2014

belle glamour... Take two

A while back I posted about a soon to be released uk indie called belle glamour. Well the official launch is looming on the 24 th of this month and the site is already open for pre orders. Anyway I have a few more of her polishes to show you. The service and delivery times were just as good as last time I ordered, particularly given the time of year! Anyway, first we have in the barrel.
This is a sort of tarnished silver colour (the sort of silver I love in jewellery Haha)I guess maybe gunmetal is the word? It's metallic but with a scattering of fine multicoloured flecks. I like it, simple but it applies nicely which is always a big plus in my books! And this is two coats.
Then we have a glitter topper called broken hearted.
This is it over in the barrel... mainly because that's what I was wearing and I'm lazy. Though actually I think they work quite well together. I'm kinda fussy about glitters, it has to be something special to be worth the effort of removal, and Ihate fishing! Lol. Anyway back to the polish in hand. I chose it despite the above because it sounded fun. And actually I do like it a lot. There was no real fishing so that's a huge plus lol. There are plenty of the little hearts and I love the contrast of the bright red against the black strands. My overactive imagination sees this as little 'cupid's arrow through the heart' images all smushed up. My brain is weird lol. I only used one coat, apart from one nail I went over cos I screwed it up a little lol.
Next up is lagoon.
This is actually a thermal polish though unfortunately I haven't managed to capture that very well...As well as the fact my nails are short I also have horribly cold hands and it turns out I struggle to get thermals to ever leave the cold colour lol. Aaaanyway, failures if my circulation aside, I love this colour so much! It's a squishy glittery holo-y bundle of prettiness. That's a poor description sorry lol. It's a vibrant Blue colour which gets lighter or darker depending on temperature. It catches the light beautifully. Without top coat it's slightly textured and I quite like the look of it either way. It's a fairly thick polish but easy enough to apply and I think this is just two coats.
Fourth is gold digger.
Glittery enough for you? I wore this one out for new year's actually because it seemed like the perfect party polish. This is seriously sparkly and packed with holo-y gold glitter. I love the slightly brash gold colour it's unusual and (overactive imagination alert again!) It makes me think of your stereotypical gold digger with the brassy bottle blonde hair. This is just two coats.
Then on to coven.
More teeny tiny little sparkly flecks. This time in a beautiful not quite lilac base. . This is purple so admittedly it has a head start but I do love it. It's a colour I don't really own, and that's good going for a purple! I like the delicacy of the colour and of course the sparkle. It's quite sheer so I did use three coats here. I think I might layer it in future. Sorry for my hands here btw we've been ringing a crazy amount and it's not that kindon the hands... At least you can't see the blisters :p.
This is blood Roses.
Not one of my personal favourite colours from this set I confess, but that is just an individual taste thing I think as it is pretty and my mum loves it Haha. It's metallic and quote an unusual orangey red. It comes out almost copper in the nail. And again it's easy to apply.... despite what you might think from the horrendous swatches lol. The saga of trying to swatch it may explain why it's not one of my favourites lol. Not a failure with the polish just with me Haha....first I redid the index cos I chipped it ringing. Then I smudged it, tried to repair it, redif it again..... Then spotted the hideous bubbles in the top coat, messed up redoing those, finally managed to end up with five reasonably intact nails... and still there were bubbles! So I gave up. Lol.
The penultimate one is in the navy.
I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I'd been remiss and failed to add a proper navy to my collection. That has been rectified. And I love it... so very much. It's deep and rich and feels luxurious. Conversely there's also a little child in the back of my mind that's reminded of school days and colouring in our nails with highlighter or tipex or fountain pen. There is a very inky quality to it. I wore this to work today and apparebtly other people agree as I got several compliments on it. This is three coats though two probably would have been enough tbh.
Lastly we have midnight
Glittery charcoal. Lovely. I love black colours with multicolored aspects to them. And this is no exception. It adults well and only took two coats.
All in all I love these polishes a lot. Although these were bought at a blogger discount I will definitely be returning to the shop once it opens... and once I've been paid lol. Don't forget to check out the website link at the start of this post. X