Sunday, 5 January 2014

Magic goose

Ah magic goose. I love this company so very much Haha. If you want to buy them, and I really think you should, click here. If you want decent swatches of them leave my blog and Google cos mine are seriously not doing these polishes justice.
All of these apply nicely and give good coverage. I used two coats for all of them but probably could have gotten away with one for pink Heather and hebridean sea. There is a lovely shimmer to them, hebridean sea has beautiful gold shimmer but my poor little phone struggled to capture it lol.
All three are from the Scottish collection and, silly as it sounds they do feel Scottish. I'm aware my imagination is running away with me but there's something atmospheric and mystical about them that makes me think of dramatic panoramas and dreamy escapism and.... fairies? The proper gaelic kinda ones not the tinkerbell kind. Sídhe and stuff (or is that irish?!). I dunno where that came from. I'm getting distracted.
Erm? Shall I just move onto the polishes themselves? The deep pink-red-purple is pink Heather. It's lovely and unusual and significantly more grown up than most of the colours I own. Hebridean sea is the turquoise-Blue with the elusive gold shimmer I mentioned. And my absolute favourite of the three is the serene sea haar, which is a slightly Blue lilac. Despite my purple obsession I'm not a massive lilac fan, makes me think of elderly ladies in lavender rain macs. This one not so much, more winters skies, sun on deep water, creeping mists and magic. Oh dear I'm in a weird mood tonight sorry. Right, pictures. Sorry they're not within the text im too lazy to fight with the browser version of blogger. X