Friday, 24 January 2014

iconic effect

Sorry for the uninspiring title...the polishes I have to show you are inspiring enough to comoensate though :). Without further rambling, for once: Malificent dragon This is the first one I HAD to wear when the package arrived. It's sort of purple (hence my being drawn to it) but a very, very red purple. Maybe plum, maybe wine, maybe somewhere in between....or maybe something entirely different I don't know I fail at colours. What I do know is it has a quite obscene amount of holo lol. I love holos but there's something specially magical about dark, ruch holos that makes me think of witches brew and magical smoke (you know the kinda people disappear in a puff of). It applied smoothly and cleanly and the pics were after two coats ans top coat. Hades More holo. Bright and vibrant this time, if the last one was witches and mystery this one is wizards robes and sorcery. Those are different honest...less deep brooding more flash showmanship. I read too much fantasy. This is a lovely bright (royal??) Blue, with, as I may have mentioned, half a tonne of holo.application was very much the same as the above and coverage was great. Two coats with top coat again in pics. Longest Night I'm wearing this one right now (yea this would be the one that missed it's photo op yesterday!). Slightly different to the other two this is a black base with tiny multicoloured glitter whuch catches the light every which way. I won't go off on one again but think dragons' caves and hoarded treasure. Strangely I found this easier to apply second time round, I dunno if it had time to settle or if I was just having a crap day before lol. But yea today I had no issues, and I can assure you removal is very easy ;). Actually this is true of all three but yea. Love these polishes and would have ordered more already if not fir the fact I'm trying to exercise restraint lol. X

Ps. Sorry for using the app again apparently blogger doesn't like my photos today. x