Thursday, 9 January 2014

GOT polish challenge- pink

Yay another challenge! And not too intense at just one post a week. I'm kind hoping this- plus another weekly challenge starting at the end of the month- will encourage me out of the nail art funk I appear to have found myself in.
Anyway enough about me Let's talk about (you for a minute, enough about you Let's talk about life for a while...ahem) GOT. It stands for golden oldie Tuesday and is all about rediscovering long lost polishes. The idea is to follow the prompts using polishes that are over a year old. Or in the case of newbie nail nuts- that's me!- the oldest polishes in your collection.
Today we're going pink. It pains me to admit it, given my not so friendly relationship with Barry m gellys, but the first polish I bought was Barry m grapefruit. So I really can't justify ignoring it. I refused to go through the trauma of painting five nails in it though and so I stretched the definition of pink a little. The other polish is nameless it came in an animal gift set that a friend bought me and is one of only three that predate grapefruit (the other two being the rest of the set lol).
Carefully dipping my toes back into the waters of actually making an effort I kept it simple and went for dots. They looked too much when I covered the whole nail though so I switched to just half a nail instead. On the accent nail I flipped the colours so grapefruit was the base colour. What seriously annoys me is that I really like the colour of grapefruit it's just a mare to apply. I think I may be the only person in the world who thinks that lol.
And don't forget to check out all the talented bloggers and their forgotten pink polishes. X