Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Nail art weekly project- 1 clothing

Wow look nails! Lol. This is the first week of a weekly nail art challenge put together by Danni at gingerbread smiles.
As the title says the theme was clothing. Now I confess I'm not good with clothing, there's a reason I'm not a fashion blogger. Actually there are several but the main one is that I live in jeans, hoody, t shirt. I own a lot of dresses and I love them but they're effort.
They're also mainly chosen for the cut rather than the pattern so don't translate well to nails.
So I ventured into the land of pinterest. I picked a colour (purple, obviously) and added the word dress for no other reason than to limit the search to clothing lol. I finally settled on the ruffled ombre petticoat pictured. Partly just because I've been wanting to try a ruffle mani ever since reading chalkboard nails' tutorial. My base colour was pale pink for the petticoat's waistband bit, in the form of nails Inc South Molton Street. It's pretty much a French manicure polish but I wanted something pale.
Then I started from my nail tips with Essie sexy divide, sinful colours Let's talk, belle glamour (pass I forget the name), accessorize mineral violet, nails Inc Lowndes Square and finally nails Inc floral Street. The black is models own Black nail art pen/striper.
I'll admit I played it a little fast and loose with the colours, if I wasn't being lazy I would have picked a purple and mixed it with white and some it properly. But it's been a long day. So it doesn't look hugely like the original but I kinda don't mind it really. X