Tuesday, 7 January 2014

nail lacquer UK

Sorry slight lack of inspiration in the title lol. Hopefully I can compensate with a post full of prettiness. Nail lacquer UK (available on etsy) is one of the first UK indies I bought from, in fact they were among the first polishes I bought full stop. I'm not sure quite why it's taken me so long to go back! I hopped over to etsy to check the address for the link and already my 'I need that polish' list has grown lol. Anyway, onto the polishes, I actually bought all four of these as mystery grab bags cos I got bored of my own indecisiveness!
This is dull days. I love bright glitters in neutral bases. This is a grey, slightly taupe base. I think. I couldn't quite decide lol, with lots and lots of little magenta glitter. The glitter twinkles beautifully. Again though, both my phone and I lack the ability to capture this. So imagine the pictures with an extra sprinkle of lovely. I believe this was three coats as it's reasonably sheer. But that's ok cos it's so easy to apply.
Then pretty monster. White base with a fun mix of glitters. Large black circles and bright pink hexes (Oh dear hexes will always make me think of magic lol (anyone know the ethnology? Is there a connection between the hex in hexagon and the hex in hex (hmm lol)... something do do with 6 and it's association with evil and the devil and stuff?)). That was irrelevant my brain is weird tonight. Erm there are also pink circles, small Blue-Green circles and bright yellow hexes (Let's not go there again!). It sounds so very random but it works really well. The application was good enough for me not to get fed up with it, and that's saying something Haha. I moved the bigger glitters about a bit but didn't really have to fish for them. I do kinda wish is worn it over something though cos by the time I got to the last coast the paler glitters in the first coat didn't really show. That and I'm lazy lol.
Next, winter. A chilly Blue polish with small and micro Blue glitter but also the unusual addition of pastel pink and yellow circles. I like it, makes me think of ice skating in bobble hats Haha. The abundance of Blue glitter gives it a nice depth and again it applies nicely. This was three coats but two would probably be ok. I like this a lot... I'm tempted to wear it all year round just removing the snowflakes as I go along lol.
Finally we have sprinkles. Bright! I wore it over a very plain colour to show it off (and add I mentioned neutral plus bright glitter equals love lol). I thought at first it was going to be quite sparse but after the first couple of nails I got a tonne of glitter each time. So the thumb and index are two coats the others all one. This makes it easy to apply without too much faffing...I did have to play about with the pinkie but I always do with large glitters cos it's a small nail lol. I love the colours in this and the slight translucency in the hexes. And the lime green is just such fun.
The base is actually from luv polish and I will hopefully have a post about that tomorrow so I won't say much now. X