Sunday, 12 January 2014

Swatch out! Nelly polish

Oof Yea swatches again :s. And lazy bunging all photos at the end again.
So Nelly polish. This is yet another awesome UK indie. This one is a bit different though: it's dried. This is the creators ingenuous way of circumventing all these new postage issues. They're available in bottles and in sachets and you just add whatever clear polish you fancy.
I bought two in bottles (because im lazy) and one in a sachet (because I like to play). It was really easy to do (though being me I did get powder everywhere decanting the sachet one lol) and kinda fun. It appealed to the child in me mixing magic potions and doing 'experiments' lol.
And I got to choose a clear polish that I love the consistency of so application was really easy.
So, the polishes themselves. Beeny is a delicate Blue with bright orange glitter...I love the contrast and this is actually the polish that drew me to this brand.  Mena is a black jelly base with silver and pale purple hexes plus little purple glitters. Finally teal is.... beautiful. It looks so unassuming in its sachet, but on the nail it's just amazing. And rather camera shy. It's dark and mysterious which in the light flashes a beautiful vibrant.... Well, teal lol.
All of these dry matte, which the etsy description warns about. But then I always topcoat anyway. You can buy on etsy here. X