Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Mindful moment of the day

Today. Ah yes, today has not been the best of days. And tbh the main reason for that is I've been letting my brain run wild and spiral into pointlessness. It's very unproductive but it's also a very easy pattern to slip into. Something bugs you so it's on your mind, it toddles around bouncing off things and as it does it collects other nagging thoughts, which lead on to entirely different thoughts and before you know it your whole brain is buzzing, everything is hopeless and you just want to cry. All from one annoying little thought.
I've been taught several techniques to help with this over the years and one of the easiest ones is a very simple mindfulness technique. It goes like this:
- sit still and comfortably
- close your eyes
- keep your breathing relaxed and at a natural rate and rhythm there's no need to change it
- gradually start to become aware of the sounds around you
- don't judge them, you don't even need to label them, just be aware of them
- do this for as long or short a time as you wish
- if you want you can focus on on your breathing or physical sensations add you prepare to pen your eyes
- repeat on a regular basis :p

Yea that's only one very basic exercise that I happen to like and mindfulness is all very individual but if you want to know more about it there's plenty of info if you Google mindfulness. Alternatively if you have an iphone or Android there are mindfulness and meditation apps (take ten/headspace is a good one).
Here's to a better tomorrow :). X