Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Silly stamping

Yup yup continuing with the mission to improve my stamping skills (MISS :p (I enjoy a good acronym, why do you think I joined the GOT challenge? Lol)). I was gonna change my polish anyway so I figured I'd play with some of the cutesy animal images I have. I confess the elephant was pretty much the only reason I bought this particular plate....yea, there's another obsession to add to the list lol. Anyway I used color club silver that doesn't have a name on it over nails Inc the mall (which is beautiful btw)...I have no clue what the stamping plate is, was in the born pretty store sale ages ago! I don't think it turned out too bad. It's hardly a coherent design as I was just messing around but in reasonably happy with how well the images transferred and stuff. I confess the duck was kinda meant to be central but I kinda like it there...and I played around on my other hand and managed to get it in kinda the same place. Next challenge is to play with the text image.
Oh and sorry for the appalling pics I could not get to light to fall in a sensible place! X