Tuesday, 14 January 2014

nails inspire...finally!

I really don't know whats taken me so long tp post about these beautiful polishes tbh. But anyway we have:

Frosty morning

This is a glittery, wintery,  thermal polish. It applied beautifully and dries slightly textured, though top coat smoothed it out easily enough and it looked nice either way. The pics are with tc and after wearing it for a day, hence the shoddy tips sorry. AND you can kinda see the thermal-ness! This never happens with me, especially in photos lol. Another huge plus point for this polish is that it has mother's seal of approval. I paint her nails every so often and this is what she settled on when she asked for something seasonal...and believe me she's fussy, out of all my 200 odd polishes thrre are about five she'll wear lol.

Strawberry Jellie

I'm not a huge pink fan but I loved the look of this one. It's just so squishy and juicy, plus holo is always a bonus, and this is a pretty and subtle one. speaking of holo...

Holo top coat

Forgive the slightly distracting context! This is a really effective holo top coat, even though I haven't managed to capture that very well. It applies well, and maintains the colour of the base polish.


I don't know the name of this final polish, it's the blue glitter over the white nails. It was very kindly (and totally unecessarily) included by  Kim because she took a few days longer getting the order out than she expected. Anyway it's a really pretty, delicate little polish, with tiny bright blue iridescent glitter and a flakies (is that what they're called?). I like this one a lot...and the ordr wasn't even that late arriving so it was very sweet of her.

Have a look on etsy here. X