Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Luv polish

Another UK indie. Sorry for the swatch overload the last few posts but like I mentioned im having a bit of a nail art fail atm. Plus I've bought way too much polish recently :p.
So luv polish. This is a very new brand with some very interesting polishes. They're rather....classy colours, at least by my standards :p.
I was unusually restrained in my purchasing out of respect for a dwindling back balance. But the two polishes I did get are beautiful.
First up I went for serenity. Partly because the name appealed (I really must stop doing that!) But largely because I don't have many sensible neutrals. Not good ones anyway. And this it good. Very good. I did use three coats...I guess you could layer it but I like it this way. I did have a moment of panic after the first coat as I thought it was gonna take about ten coats on its own lol. Fortunately it seems to get more opaque as it dries. It's a lovely subtle warm stone grey and it's not quite as brown as it looks in my pictures, our house has appalling light.... everywhere. Anyway yeah, it applied nicely, well enough for three coats not to be a chore and I love the colour. Happy :).
At this point I should apologise for ask the pics being at the end, sorry but it's late and since there's just the two I figured I could get away with it lol.
Moving on to the second polish, this is snowfall. I literally wanted this the second I saw it. It's glossy, glittery and monochrome <3. I love small glitters, partly from an application point of view but mainly just because I really like how they look. I layered this over nails Inc floral Street just so I didn't have to do hundreds of coats. I'd quite like to experiment with a more off White base to see if I can get a cream colour also. Anyway I love the scattering of little black glitter in stark white and the larger iridescent glitters just add the perfect subtle nod towards winter and ice and crisp frosty mornings. This is snow on dark mountains, a scattering of soot on snowy roofs just to show that santa has been....a dalmatian on the obligatory boxing day walk, a sprinkling of snow in its coat.
Oh do shut up Katie. Night all. X

Ps. Oh and bonus pic of the pretty packaging....I remembered to take one for once!