Sunday, 19 January 2014

Distraction techniques- No.1 an elephant

Ok so this is intended to be a series, of I remember.... which I rarely do lol.
There are many, many, many different distraction techniques... Everyone is different and will find different things helpful. This is a just a random series of things that help me, or others I know.
Of course there are also many things people wish to be distracted from. I tend to split them into three very broad categories though:
- impulsive thoughts- screaming head, destructive urges, the need to do something. Strong emotions. The sort you're supposed to sit with and ride out until they subside. Distraction techniques can help you get away from them and keep yourself busy till they do.
- compulsive thoughts- chattering head, insistent repetitive thoughts. Nagging insistence that doing *whatever* well fix everything. These tens to be more long haul but lower intensity. You're supposed to refuse to engage with these thoughts.... distraction techniques can help with this by occupying your brain. Even if the flights are still there after it gives you a reprieve for a while.
- things- life, reality, people, chores, stress, pressure, deadlines, responsibility. All those things that come with being human. Distraction techniques can give you the chance to 'take five' and regroup. Of course I'm not suggesting making life harder for yourself by spending two hours on a random activity of you have an essay due in in three but within reason...

I'm sure there are many more but I like neat categories and can shoehorn most of life into those ones lol. Mostly I tend to relate to the middle one.

Anyway, my first choice. Broadly speaking it's craft.  Specifically it's decopatch/decoupage. Just because I picked it up on a whim when I was in hobbycraft the other day, shopping for guides. Haven't done this sort of thing since I was a kid... But I love it cos it's full proof lol. I enjoy craft. And I like making things. Problem is I'm really not artistic in any way (my nails prove this lol). So I stick to crafts like this, beading, knotting and similar because I can follow instructions and get reasonable results. I try to be careful with arty crafty stuff cos anything too difficult will a). Not Be able to hold my attention and b). Lead to frustration with myself, feelings of failure and inadequacy and general dislike of myself. Which is not very productive lol. So I have a safe list of crafts. And they help. Particularly simple, repetitive but time consuming ones lol.
I'll try to remember to post another next week lol. X

Ps. Elephant! Little obsessed with those lol. He's not quite finished but nearly.