Sunday, 12 January 2014

Bonus post: actual effort!

Something that isn't swatches? Blimey! I need to make an effort to do some mh posts soon but this will do for now.
My parents were out for the evening so I figured I'd actually attempt to do something more interesting with my nails. Don't get me wrong one been loving the beautiful indie polishes I've been wearing but yea I haven't played much recently.
Anyway I was looking at the set of technic polishes my friend got me for Christmas, hoping to find a purple. I find two that kinda fit that description.... neither of which I really fancied as a standalone polish. So I figured I'd try a gradient. I confess I'm not great at gradients but they're on my list of 'skills to master this year' alongside stamping.
Of course at this point I remembered that I threw out all my makeup sponges. Not to be deterred I nicked a bit off the end of a washing up sponge. This goes part way to explaining why it's a rather course gradient lol. Still it's an improvement on my last attempt (several months ago now, time flies!) so that's something :). The colours don't appear to have names but they're both from the aforementioned technic set. X