Monday, 6 January 2014

A pointless post

I really don't have much to say today really. And I feel like I'm in danger of crashing and I'd rather that didn't happen. In light of which I was going to write a post on action plans and crisis planning and such like but now isn't the time, maybe tomorrow.
So instead a few random bits of info. - I have two more uk indies to post about this week, nail lacquer UK and nails inspire (which I keep forgetting and it's been way too long!)
- I've been working hard with the Bell ringing records trying to transfer them all into a database so I can play with them more easily. Plus filling in the forms to open a branch bank account
- I walked my doggy the other day (hence the pic) and decided I need to do more of that this year
- I'm slacking on the nail art. This is partly because a of a totally innocuous Covenham which meant my brain did it's silly flying off in spirals thing. I refuse to lose my biggest healthy coping mechanism though
- I haven't self harmed in almost four months and it's worth remembering that
- I'm having fun playing with stamping at least, even if it's a little too random to post, I'm experimenting lol
- I got boots vouchers for Christmas! I also have over twenty quid on my boots card :)
- group therapy starts on the fifteenth

I need to remember that these things matter. They're not just background noise. Tomorrow I'll be more together :). X